Monday, 5 August 2013

Class 10, Part II: University at Edinburgh New College Library (16/07/2013) 

New College Library

Tour two of day two in Edinburgh was spent at New College Library, part of the University of Edinburgh.

Newly renovated
Renovated between 2005 and 2006, this library spans 5 floors and contains 1/4 million books. Shelia Dunn, site and services supervisor, told us all about the library from the stained glass windows, donated and installed 24 years after restoration, to giving us access to the special collections section which had books set out to look at.

Open to students, as well as the public who are researchers or members which pay a fee yearly, the library is open access. With over 52,000 pounds spent yearly on books and on-line subscriptions, the New College Library prides itself on its collection. Stacks found on lower floors are open to students and they are allowed to search through them and take books off the shelf. Such a common thing to us, this piece of information really stood out to me. It seems like so many of the places we went to and saw required readers to request items and then wait to get them. But here, it was different, and honestly, a breath of fresh air to hear that.The New College Library was a beautiful library to walk into. Ms. Dunn was very informative, gave us a folder full of the history and other information about the library and gave us a chance to look at some really books in their cased off room. It was a great way to end day two in Edinburgh.

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