Tuesday, 2 July 2013

"But there's no place like London!"

Trafalgar Square
What a whirlwind the first day was. From the minute I stepped off the plane onto the train, then caught a cab with two other students which brought us to the university we’d be living in for the next month, there was no stopping. And to be honest, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. 

After unpacking and getting acquainted with my new room, our group went on a walking tour of the city. Beginning with our block, we traveled past the National Theater to the Thames Riverbank. From there, we dined on some great pizza (who knew London pizza could compare with New York?), sauntered around Gabriel’s Wharf, continued on past the National Gallery. Professor Welsh brought our group to see the old Oceanic Building where passengers bought their tickets for the maiden voyage on the Titanic and topped off the neighborhood tour with a magnificent view of Parliment and Big Ben as dusk was beginning to set in. To these native eyes, the view was one that cannot be compared to any other. It was at that moment that it finally set in and I realized that I am in London. 
Beautiful view of Big Ben and Parliment.
The true sight that makes anyone realize they really are in London. 

On that first day around the city, I couldn’t stop gapping and looking at everything around me. Since I was 16, I said I wanted to see this city before hitting 25, and here I am making it six months before my due date. Just seeing what was within walking distance gave me the desire to want to explore anything and everything that these streets had to offer. 

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